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Terreno Piedra de Mexia Lote 13

Sudcalifornia, La Paz, Baja California Sur

  • Terreno
  • 3,774.43 m² total
  • US$ 325,000 En Venta


Piedra de Mexia is a secluded 33 acre residential development at the edge of the translucent turquoise waters of the Sea of Cortez. The surrounding natural desert landscape is so uniquely beautiful that it defies description and photographs cannot begin to convey the feeling you will experience when you see this place. A 15 minute scenic drive from La Paz's waterfront will bring you on paved highways to a well maintained gravel road for the last 4 miles of the drive. Then the massive wrought- iron gate opens with solar power to those with the pass-code and provides security and rare isolation from the clamor of civilization. The property is subdivided into 22 residential lots varying in size from 3,000 M2 to 11,000M2. Each lot affords its neighbors ample space and privacy and an unencumbered view of the hills and sea. Several of the lots literally hang over the precipice giving dramatic views of the sea and shoreline.

A communal swimming pool and tennis court have been built in the center of the community with a large palm-roofed shade structure, known as a "palapa". We can call this the Club House, as it serves as a multi-purpose social area for members of the community. At the top of the tram and stairway which allows access to one of the private bays, there is another "palapa" to be shared by the residents of community. The view from this perfect shady terrace is spectacular and one can choose to spend time here for quiet meditation over the sea or, at the push of a button, take the tram down to the water's edge where swimming, snorkeling kayaking and boating can be enjoyed along a shoreline the beauty of which rivals anyplace in the world.

The property is off the grid. Exceptionally pure, desalinated potable water is gravity fed and metered to each lot from tanks at the highest point on the property at 110 meters above sea level. This water is provided by a large capacity (600 gallons per hour) military-grade desalination system located and operated from Lot No. 1 at the lowest point on the property where sea water is extracted and filtered with no chemicals being used in the process.

If you've ever desired to be part of the "green revolution" without giving up modern conveniences, then you must see this place. You will be inspired. Each residence is to have its own solar collection system of panels and an inverter to provide electricity for modern appliances. Waste water will be passively treated at each lot through a modern bio-digester which will channel the filtered water out to irrigate the landscape.


  • Facilidad para estacionarse
  • Planta eléctrica
  • Fraccionamiento privado
  • Alberca
  • Cancha de tenis
  • Mascotas permitidas


Precio de venta: US$ 325,000
Terreno:3,774.43 m²